Valentine's Day Competition!

Valentine's Day!

Lovers celebrate Valentine's Day on 14th February. But do you know where does it come from and the traditional things that are done during this day? Keep on reading to discover them!

The Christian Church replaced the pagan festival of Lupercalia by this celebration. However, there is not a unique version about who Valentine was. One of them tells that it was a Christian priest that in times of Claudius II performed marriages secretly. This occurred because this Roman Emperor needed soldiers for his army and the unique way to get them was avoiding men to get married. Another account tells that Valentine was a Christian man from the 3rd century who was imprisoned by the Romans because of his Chrisitan belief. Finally, Valentine fell in love with the prison keeper's daughter and before his execution, he wrote a letter to her signing "from your Valentine".

During this day people make beautiful cards with hearts, cupids, flowers... on the outside and they write original poems on the inside. The first commercial cards were created by Esther Howland, and buying Valentine's cards has become quite popular among lovers. Schools also celebrate this day by making poem competitions, decorating the classroom and giving cards to their classmates.
Source:History Valentine's Day

Let's celebrate Valentine's Day with a competition. Keep on reading the blog to know what it is about.